Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is my go-to write when I’m having a bit of a reading slump. Usually once I’ve read two or three of her mysteries I’m good to go again.
Recently I read Murder on the Orient Express _ a classic Hercule Poirot and Death in the Clouds.

Death in the Clouds is also Poirot but I prefer Orient Express. There’s something romantic about a train stuck in the snow and a mystery to solve.

In Murder on the Orient Express, a very unpopular old man is stabbed to death. As the train is snowbound in the middle of nowhere, Poirot, who is travelling on the train, finds himself in the middle of the very strange case.

In Death in the Clouds, a very unpopular old woman _ a moneylender _ is murdered on a plane. Once again, Poirot, who was a passenger on the plane, finds himself in the middle of a puzzling mystery.

They’re both great stories and good mysteries, and Murder on the Orient Express, like The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, finds Dame Christie at her best.

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