Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Geeks

The Weekly Geeks are back. And, in the spirit of Dewey's passion for community building; this is the first one:

In the spirit of the amazing community building that Dewey was so good at, tell us about your favorite blogs, the ones you have bookmarked or subscribe to in your Google Reader, that you visit on a regular basis. Tell us what it is about these blogs that you love, that inspire or educate you or make you laugh. Be sure to link to them so we can find them too.

Oh gosh. I actually have quite a few book blogs that I read daily (as I'm sure we all do) and then I click through thier blog rolls ... and then their blog rolls ... you know how it goes :)

So, in order to keep this (relatively) short I'm going to name three blogs that I read every day and that I comment on on a regular basis :)

First up is American Bibliophile:

We have a lot in common; our children are similare ages and we have similar tastes (at least I think so) in books. The posts are generally short but also informative and fun to read _ not an easy thing to do. Also, nominated me for this award _ The Lemonade Stand award _ that I keep forgetting to mention here (sorry!) but it was greatly appreciated _ thank you :)

Next up is Joanne at who I actually "met" through one of Dewey's Weekly Geeks when we interviewed each other about the books we were reading. It was a great experience and now I read Joanne's blog every day.

She also very kindly gave me an award: the "Well Worth Watching" blog award, for which I say thank you very much :)

Last on my shortlist, but by no means least is Nymeth at who writes thoughtful reviews about the books and graphic novels that she reads. Mostly, though, I can picture myself hanging out with Nymeth and like, totally geeking out over Neil Gaiman.

There are others, many, many others, but because I'm a magpie-person, attracted to shiny things, I would be here all night making the Longes List in the World. So I went with the three who came to mind first.

But let's face it _ we're all made of awesome.

And Dewey was the most awesome of us all.

Live long, and prosper, Weekly Geeks.


jessi said...

I "met" a lot of my favorite bloggers through Dewey and Weekly Geeks as well. I read Joanne's and Nymeth's blogs regularly, too, and now I'm off to explore American Bibliophile. :)

Ana S. said...

Thank you Maree, I am flattered :D I would love to hang out with you and geek out about Neil Gaiman or talk about cats or whatever!

gautami tripathy said...

I better check American Bibliophile!

Weekly Geeks

Anonymous said...

Yes, so many great blogs to mention! and I didn't want to leave anyone out but such a post wouldn't be read, I'm sure. Happy Weekly Geeking!

Terri said...

Oh I like this - short and sweet. I might have to pare mine down for my post - so many excellent blogs out there. Happy Weekly Geek Return!

Frances said...

From here to American Bibliophile. Thanks for the info!

Ali said...

Yes! I love seeing blogs mentioned that I didn't mention because I couldn't mention them all. (Does that make sense?).

Robin M said...

New weekly geeker here. More great links to explore. I'm going to get lost exploring for a while. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Three excellent choices!

Kerrie said...

Just letting you know I've visited vvia weekly Geeks Maree. Happy New Year.

Louise said...

Know what you mean about having to narrow down the blogs to mention, because otherwise it would be too long a list. LOL. I had to do that myself, but I wanted to include all the blogs I know, almost :-)

Dreamybee said...

LOL-"magpie-person"! We always tease my aunt about her attraction to shiny objects, now we have a name for it!

Thanks for the links! I too am off to check out American Bibliophile, which is a new-to-me blog.