Monday, February 9, 2009

The Reading Week

Mmmm ... food ... Patrick is walking now, and watching him trot along is soooooo funny - he looks like a wee orangutan (well, not really, because he's no orange and hairy) with his arms up for balance. Aw.
Anyway. Reading.
I'm still not entirely on-track. I'm reading New Moon, which is irritating me a lot, but I bought the books of Amazon and I'm determined to read the bloody things before I flog them on Trade Me. Heh.

I know, why would I read a book that's irritating me? I don't really know either. I read Twilight, and thought ''eh'' but then suddenly wanted to read the rest. Which were permanently out at the library, and pretty much sold out at the bookstores. Enter Amazon. Go Amazon!!!

Right now, I can't decide who is annoying me more _ Bella, or Edward. Anyway.
Also on the agenda this week is, finally, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, which is February's classic. It's just bad timing that my non-reading/sulking about work week came when it did. However, I have two weeks off from the 19th and if I start it now, I should be able to dent it fairly decently.

For the weekend, now that I have Sundays off (woot!) I'm lining up What to do When Someone Dies by Nicci French. I've read most of theirs and to be honest find the plots a bit repetitive _ woman in danger! no one believes her! BUT they do write pretty well and the novels are always fast-paced. (I'm saying ''they'' because I belive Nicci French is actually two people).

So my plan, for this week, and hopefully every other week, is to have two books on the go for weekdays and then something else for Saturday and Sunday. It's a good theory. I'm fond of it, but it's fragile :)

Oh! I finished Nation last week. Loved it. The story, the characters, the writing ... pretty much everything. Sir Terry Pratchett, right at the top of his game.
That'll have to do for a review for now - let's rebuild the reading first.

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Ana S. said...

I love watching kids who have just began to walk :D Most of all I love how the simple act of walking is so much fun for them.

I have the feeling New Moon would annoy me too :P And Nation is indeed Sir Terry at his best :)