Monday, May 18, 2009

The Reading Week

It's Monday. Which means it's time to answer the all-important question: What are you reading? As asked by
I had such good intentions. I came over all optimistic that I was going to finish both Slash and Brideshead Revisited. However, neither of those predictions came true, and I still have both books on the go. Added to that I have a pile of library books judging me in my room. I'm sure they're all great books and it's no reflection on them that I haven't been reading them at all.
I'm enjoying both of the books I am reading, despite the fact they are so very, very different. Slash's book is pretty much a wild sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll wild ride while Brideshead Revisited is … well, it's the other side of the duct tape. To bring my Idol fixation into it, because I can, Brideshead Revisited is Kris Allen, and Slash is Adam Lambert. Polar opposites, is what I'm trying to say, and they're weird books to be reading at the same time. Although, much like I've heard that both contestants are Very Nice Boys, they are both Very Good Books.
So no books finished last week; partly because of AI, partly because of those two days I was away. And .. oh, yeah. Patrick turned two on Friday, so we had a family party for him on Saturday. And if you have ever tried to read with a toddler in the house, you know what a dodgy proposition that is.
I'm still in denial that my baby is two. That it's been more than two years!!! since the doctor came into my hospital room, looked at our readouts, looked at me, and said “I'm not happy.” Patrick was in distress and that was that _ emergency caesaerian (which I still can't spell). I've never cared about that; I've just always been profoundly grateful that that doctor saved my baby's life. Even if I did keep calling him Dr Finklestein, because I forgot his name.
I'm terrible for wandering off the blogging track in my posts lately. Ah, what the hell. Where's the fun if you can't enjoy the journey?
Happy reading week, everyone.


Kristen said...

I've skipped weeks for this reason, I feel silly writing I haven't finished the ones from the week before yet. Love your analogy here!

Amanda said...

I love your comparison to AI. :D

Anonymous said...

Hon, I don't see how you get any reading done at all! When my kids were that young, my hobbies were sleeping and house! Reading was out of the question unless I was reading to them.

Vickie said...

Not much worse than a stack of library books judging you.....Put a cover over them, they'll settle down. = )

Anonymous said...

I love your rambling style. :)
I also don't think the books are judging you for not reading them ALL the time! I'm sure they are grateful to be in your presence whether you are reading them or not!

Ana S. said...

Aww, two already. Those pictures of him are so sweet.

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, I'm amazed you get any reading done at all with a 2-year old in the house! (though he is very cute!)

I can't really read two books at once. Well, I often listen to an audio book while cooking and driving and have another one going to read aloud to my sons, but I don't think I could read two myself at once.

You can see my current reading list at


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Yes, enjoy the journey. My baby is 22 and I continue to enjoy...

Teddyree said...

Books are very faithful, they'll still be there waiting for you when your life settles down LOL
I had 3 weeks in a row where I just managed to get through one book.
Hope next week is a better reading week for you.
Here's my post

Bybee said...

Happy birthday, Patrick!

Maree said...

Thanks guys. You're all made of the awesomeness. As to reading with a toddler ... mostly I do it very late at night; or when he's having his nap.
Occasionally, I lose my mind and try and read while he's around. Bad idea. Bad.
Happy reading :)