Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dad's chair

The chair in the photo belonged to my Dad. It was his office chair years ago when he worked for the Railways. I think he brought it home with him when he retired.

Mum kept it after she moved to her flat, and we used to prop Patrick in there to feed him when we'd visit Mum at lunchtime. It doesn't look it from that photo but it's actually pretty good for feeding a baby. (Not a newborn, obviously, but a baby able to sit propped up).

Hilites used to sleep on that chair, and as you can see, it's been well appropriated by our other cats (Piper and Misty in this photo). We ended up with the chair because no one else seemed to want it and I have memories tied to it. And, okay, it's kind of ugly but I couldn't stand the thought of it going into the garage sale.

So here it is - the Chair. With bonus extra cats.


Debi said...

I highly suspect if I'd been in your shoes, that chair would be sitting in my living room right now as well. Complete with cats, of course.

Erin (moviemuse) said...

I have my grandmother's neon lime green plush living room chairs for the same reason. The design of the chair is actually excellent, and maybe one day when I can bear to do so, I'll have them recovered. Too many memories attached to the chairs in their current color for me to do it yet. Until then, they'll just have to quietly glow in the dark. :-)

Maree said...

Debi: Heh, thank you. I couldn't bear for strangers to have it and none of my brothers and sisters seemed to want it, so it came home with me :-)

Erin: The chair is surprisingly comfortable - when there's not a cat or two sitting on it - lol

Care said...

I have a cool chair that some might think is ugly but it happily reminds me of my wonderful mother-in-law. Great story, cute kitties.