Friday, December 2, 2011

Reading, cross stitching and movies ...

... and other things, most likely. I really should get back to reviewing books on here; it's become a bit of a weekly mind-dump. But then, I suppose, that's one of the functions of a blog. Hrm.

I guess you're stuck with my ramblings until I can be arsed writing reviews again. Sorry about that. :D

The good news is I have been reading. Little bit slow lately, but I have been reading. I just finished Kraken, and will be doing a co-review of it with Jodie from ... once we can stop dissecting all the things that are wrong with Merlin, that is. So there'll be a review of that. Stay tuned. ;)

So, some, or all of you might know that one of my more intermittent hobbies is cross stitching. I used to - mostly - make gifts for others, but lately I've turned to some old, unfinished WIPs of my own to try and get them finished.

I'm working a kind of half-assed rotation: and I have these three projects on the go at the moment:

The one on the far left is my focus-piece, meaning I work on that one in between rounds of the others. If that makes sense -lol. At the moment I'm mainly working on them on Saturday nights when  my friend and I have our TV/movie-watching dates, and on Sunday nights which is movie-night for me.

It's relaxing and makes me feel productive - lol.

Anyway, here's a list of the movies I've watched so far on Sunday nights:

A Single Man
The Runaways
Murder by Death
Designing Woman
The Picture of Dorian Grey
Sucker Punch
The Last Station
The Ghost Writer
Romeo + Juliet
The Tempest

It's a nice way to end the weekend - watching a movie and doing a little stitching.

As for reading; right now I'm reading a Van Gogh biography that's the same size as my head, and Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell. Both very good books, but I need something to lighten the load a little bit - lol.

So. How's everyone? What's going on with you? :D


Care said...

I'm good, thanks for asking. I have been working on a crossstitch of a Christmas stocking for the hub (which means the one I did for ME was done first) and... What else yawantme to comment on? Did you get myTwit DM?

Maree said...

JUST replied to your twit DM :-)

Kailana said...

Things are good here, too. You have watched a lot of good sounding movies! You are reading some intense books right now. Good luck finding something lighter to even things out!

Jodie said...

Well as you know I have been watching a lot of Merlin ;)

Can I ask for your movie opinions? Sucker Punch - creepy, or fun female focused action movie? Oh and is The Runaways any good?

I'm really impressed how many cross stick projects you have on the go btw. They all look v elaborate.

Maree said...

Kailana: Thanks! I'm aiming for light, too.

Jodie: I swear, dissecting Merlin is my new favourite hobby - lol.

Suckerpunch ... kind of ... creepy? It would have been awesome/kick-ass if the girls had looked just a teeny eeny bit older, if that makes sense. I loved the story, and the steampunk vibe, but the rest ... yeahhh.I really enjoyed The Runaways, it was actually a lot of fun. :-)

Memory said...

I'm totally late with this, but eek! I love that Circe design. Want!

(Not that I'd do it any time soon, even if I did find it somewhere. I try to stick to one cross stitch project at a time, and it'll be at least six months before I finish my current piece. Probably more like a year. I'm going through a slow patch with it.)

Maree said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I've had that magazine for YEARS and now it's totally falling apart - lol. It's in one of Jill Oxton's mags ... issue 51. There *may* be back issues somewhere but I couldn't swear to it. She's an Aussie designer.

(I went through a patch of not doing any cross stitch for months on end. This is actually progress for me.)