Thursday, January 8, 2015

Health updates and a cat thing.

As some of you know, I had  a health hiccup in April of 2014. By “health hiccup” I mean I had the period of doom for three weeks and wanted to kick puppies.

I had blood tests and a smear test, and that all came back normal. The lovely doc also wanted me to have a vaginal scan (woo hoo) and that was scheduled for November.

I finally had it last month, and they found …. nothing. Not even fibroids. Just nothing. My body was just messing with me because it could, which. THANKS A LOT.

Though I am grateful that it turned out to be nothing more than a random aberration.

The cat thing. I didn’t talk about this on here, because I wasn’t sure if it would ultimately be worth its own post or not, but one of our cats - Morgana - brown tabby and lapcat extraordinary - went missing. She just … vanished.

I duly called around the vets, and called the SPCA and put an ad on Trade Me but nothing was forthcoming.

Then, one morning, about a week after she went missing, I got up early to go to the loo, and was greeted by some rather frantic meowing. I had to go back to get my glasses because I was 100% sure that was not the meow of any of the cats currently in residence.

I was correct. It was Morgana - brown tabby and lapcat extraordinary - popping up like nothing ever, meowing her face off and demanding cuddles.

A very minor miracle, but I still think of it as fairly miraculous.


Literary Feline said...

I am so so glad Morgana found her way home. I would be beside myself if my cats ever disappeared like that.

I am sorry you had to go through all that last year with your health. The not knowing can be torture. I am glad it turned out to be nothing serious! I had my own bout of health issues last year: had test after test--finally got a diagnosis, go over my options and make a decision, and then ultimately have surgery towards the end of the year. Life is mostly back to normal now, but I still have some pain from the surgery now and then. My darn body isn't so quick to heal as I want it to be.

I hope you continue to have good health and that your cats stay put this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad your cat found her way back to you. Your very own little Homeward Bound situation. :p

Maree said...

It was defnitely a year! We were very pleased when she showed up. I hope your health issues resolve easily <3

Jenny: Heee! Yes it was!!

Jodie said...

Glad your period turned out to be 'just one of those things' and that it is over!