Monday, July 14, 2008

Wait _ what??

Wait _ what?
You know how you just … forget things sometimes? Your keys, your mother’s name, your favourite movie ever?
I forgot that I had joined the Herding Cats reading challenge. And I’m all red-faced and such, because the Weekly Geeks a few weeks ago was get your reading challenges sorted and I didn’t do that either.
I blame work. I really do. I haven’t had concentration worth a damn since the big announcement and I’m surprised I can still walk and talk at the same time.

Anyway. This is all leading somewhere, I promise. I suddenly remembered the Herding Cats challenge. And the Arthurian Challenge. And the Orbus Terrarum Challenge. And the Southern Challenge. And … I need to go lie down for a while.

BUT … I accidentally read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, forgetting it was on my challenge list. AND … I’m putting it on my Orbus Terrarum list, because Meyer is American, and I’m not and that’ll be two books for that challenge, and I have a feeling that if I don’t cheat a little bit, I won’t get that challenge finished. Plus also, I threw The Monsters of Templeton against the wall and didn't finish it, so I needed to replace that one anyway. :)

I haven’t written any reviews, because my mind is taken up with Evil Thoughts about the company that owns the paper where I work. But … I’m tired of letting them rent my headspace for nothing.

So this week reviews will be forthcoming of
Twilight (Herding Cats; Orbus Terrarum) and On, Off (Orbus Terrarum).


Anonymous said...

Maree: I know what you mean about getting involved with all these challenges, but just relax, take a breath and choose one that suits you right now. One at a time. You can do it.

Maree said...

That is good advice. Excellent, even. But, for now, I'm going to cling stubbornly to my sheer bloody-mindedness.
Thanks, though. :)