Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Geeks 11

If there were an award for Worst Book Blogger, I’d be in the top five. I’ve been reading and surfing, staring at my blog for a week, and not doing anything. Anyway. Enough of that. On to the Weekly Geeks.
Dewey has posed an interesting challenge this week:

This week’s WG theme is to help me move! No, you don’t have to come over with your pick up truck. No one’s back will be injured.
Here’s the thing. I have a big pile of books waiting to be reviewed. I have less than two weeks before I move. I do not want to have to pack and move all these books. So what I would like is some help getting these books reviewed, so that I can post my reviews and get rid of the books in giveaways or by returning them to the library.
How can you help? Please choose one of the books below and ask me three questions about it in your blog. You might even invite your readers who have read the same book(s) to answer the questions themselves in your comments.

I’ve chosen Wizard of Earthsea by Urusla K. Le Guin, because I’ve always wanted to read it.
1): What would you tell me about the book that would make me want to rush out and get my hands on it?
2): Who was your favourite character, and why?
3): What didn’t you like about the book?
Simple questions, I know, but I’m not very insightful at the moment.


Bybee said...

You're not in the Top 5, or even the Top 10 -- I've got people on my blogroll who've been AWOL for months.

Maree said...

Top 20? :)