Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Reading Week

Sigh. I read a whole book today, because I was home sick from work.
Gallstones. In the New Year, I'm going to have to bite the bullet, go to the doctor and 1) get better painkillers and b) go on the waiting list for surgery, even though the thought of going under general anasthetic gives me the ya-yas.
However. I had an attack this morning, for no reason. I hadn't even had breakfast yet when it hit. Normally, they're food related. AND I haven't had one for more than three months.
So I spent most of the morning fighting pain and wanting to lie down and go to sleep, and feeling sick and ... ugh. No work for me.
So, once the pain had (finally) eased, I spent most of the day reading and trying not to pick Patrick up too much, although that's one of his things at the moment _ wanting to be picked up.
The book I read was a ''cosy'' mystery by Monica Ferris: Embroidered Truths, A Needlework Mystery. It wasn't bad, and was chock-full of cross stitch and embroidery references, which is fun for me, as a cross-stitcher, and the characters are likable.
I also finished The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver yesterday, his latest Rhyme/Sachs novel. All the hallmarks of a Deaver novel: well-paced, easy to read, full of forensic fun, but ... I've found, in his past few books, his 'whodunit' twists (which I used to love) have lost their punch a little bit.
So. On to this week.
I've started Stranger in a Strange Land, so that's on the agenda for this week. Also, still, My Sister My Love, which I haven't really picked up but hopefully I will.
I'm actually working Christmas (yay ... *sarcasm*) but not until 5 in the afternoon. So my mother and my sisters are coming here in the morning for present-exchanges and suchlike before my mother and my sister who is single go to my brother and sister-in-law's place for lunch and my other sister and her two kids head home (they live out of town) for their own Christmases. Low-key, but it works for us.
My husband will roast a chicken and we'll have a peacable afternoon until it's time for me to head to work. I'm not too upset about working Christmas; Patrick's still too little to really notice, plus I get paid time-and-a-half.
Plus, I like Christmas week anyway, because we get two days off. We get our normal, rostered day off, plus Christmas Eve, because Christmas Day is a non-publishing day. So we all take our stat day (day in lieu) from Christmas then. (I have shares in the word "plus").
That was convoluted.
My point is, I should have more reading time than usual this week.


Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound fun :-( Hope you're feeling better for Christmas.

Your job sounds full-on!

Ana S. said...

I'm sorry you've been sick :( I hope you feel better soon! And enjoy your extra reading time this week :)

Bookfool said...

Oh, sorry you're hurting. Stranger in a Strange Land is great, although I liked the first half better than the latter half.

Darcie said...

I so hope you are feeling better. Something similar happened to me at the beginning of the year. I went to the ER to be told I had gall stones. So I explored some options and the only options the Drs wanted to explore was surgery. So I reluctantly had my gall bladder out. I knew my husband and I wanted more children and I didn't want to have a gall bladder attack while I was pregnant so I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I had it done laprascopically (sp) and it was easier than having a baby!! And I had an epidural!! :) The first couple days I felt bad but after that I was feeling very good. I also was hesitant being put under but to tell you the truth I remember very little. I am now expecting baby #2 and am having a difficult pregnancy so I am glad I don't have to worry about my gall bladder. Also I have been a lot less nauseous in general after I got my gall bladder out - not sure if you are experiencing any of that or not. :) I did explore some “cleansing” options that some people swear by – let me know if you want more information!