Friday, June 19, 2009

Fangirl ascendant

Which is now totally code for "I bought another book". Actually I dithered between "ascendant" and "rampant" but I stuck with ascendant, because it sounds better.
Anyway. Turns out, there's a sequel to one of my most favourite 2008 reads: The Vintner's Luck. It's called The Angel's Cut and I' think I've seen it before, but today was the first time I really had a good look at the cover.
And there, in the bookstore, another total fangirl moment. Luckily, it was a different bookstore than the del Toro moment. Also, luckily, it was payday because The Angel's Cut was $35.
It's weird. I'm hardly reading, but I've started buying books again. WHY can't I put my universe in the right order? Why????
Plus also, I don't have a fave 2009 read yet, which may be because I don't feel as though I'm reading as much. Seriously. The Vintner's Luck, and The Graveyard Book are so my favourites from last year that they're pretty much the only books I own that I will never lend anyone.
The Vintner's Luck has my second-favourite ever (after Lord of the Rings) closing line. It's gorgeous. And everyone should go read it. Like, you know, now.
(My fangirl is an 80s teenager. Sorry about that.)

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