Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ROTK Mid-month post

It's the halfway point for the Return of the King part of the Lord of the Rings readalong, so let's see if we can get a bit of a discussion going with a few questions that ... I totally made up and may or may not be repeats.
let's not talk about how I'm still reading The Two Towers, 'kay?

Go here - to get the links for the previous blogs that have hosted the other books (I know. I should link them all, but I'm lazy AND a html fail - lol. And I know you gave me the links Clare and thank you but I've already done a faily Mr Linky and I don't want to push my luck - lol!)

1) Where are you in your reading? Are you still with Bilbo and Smaug? Just starting out? Or have you finished already and are tapping your fingernales on the book cover, waiting for me to catch up?

2) If this is your first time reading LOTR, how are you finding it? Are you falling in love with Middle Earth? and Legolas?

3) If you're a repeat offender reader, like me, how are you finding the return journey? Are you loving it just as much as ever? What little treasures have you found in ROTK that you never noticed before?

4) How do you feel, when you close the end of the last part; after Sam's words on the last page? Are you sad it's over, nostalgic? Looking for your next read already?

5) What's your favourite scene in ROTK?

H'm. That will do, I think? I'll save the big questionnare for the end of the month. (Don't get excited. It'll probably be five questions written on the fly again - lol)
The road goes ever on ...

Aaaaaaaaaaand Mr Linky for you!


Anonymous said...

YIPPEE!! a LOTR post! ☺

Maree said...

LOL!!! Why is my text so LITTLE? OMG I'm such a fail! D:

Anonymous said...

HaHA! For once I am not behind in my LOTR reading! Though I shall probably be behind in posting about it. :/

Teresa said...

Thanks as always for hosting! I'm actually ahead of schedule, but I needed to finish before vacation in a week. I'm planning to read/skim the appendices next week and then I'll come back and add my link :-)

Maree said...

care: yes!! :)
jennysbooks: yay! :D :D
teresa: sounds good - this has been fun! :D