Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Care is Awesome

Back in the dim dark recesses of 2009, I hosted a mini-challenge, based around all things Kiwi.

Rashly, forgetting that I have no organisational skills whatsoever, I said I'd send out jaffas (chocolate orange goodness) to participants. And then ... I didn't. And I still haven't, and I feel bad about it.

Anyways. Fast forward a bit, and Care from said she'd send me some altoids. I love them, but you can't get them here. And ... I failed to send jaffas. Consistently. For a year.

And because Care is Awesome, and a better person than me, she sent me the altoids anyway. And some kind of teeny tiny wafers that I've never even SEEN before, and a couple of other lovely goodies. Thank you, Care - you really are awesome. :D :D :D

Behold, also, her superior wrapping skills:


Ana S. said...

Yes she is :D

Maree said...

:DDD Also, you're going to do my Kiwi YA challenge, right? *puppy eyes*

Care said...

Aw, you deserve it. i thihnk you are pretty cool. And fun to tease. The NECCO wafers are made by the New England Candy COmpany. ENJOY! merry Christmas!!!

Aarti said...

She IS cool. I think the lesson here is, though... send some jaffas.

Maree said...

Care: And you remain awesome <3
Aarti: Lol, I know, I know :)