Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Monday - what are you reading?

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Right now, I'm reading Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox and An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris.

Mortal Fire is set in the same universe as Knox's Dreamhunter/Dreamquake novels, but  about 40-50 years into the future. I'm only about two chapters in but it's promising.

An Officer and a Spy is based on the 19th century Dreyfus treason case in France. My reading has been a bit patchy of it, but if I get the chance to sit down and really get stuck in,  I'm expecting to get caught up in the story.

What are you reading?


Kailana said...

I have Dreamhunter/Dreamquake, but haven't had a chance to read either of them yet. Good to know if I enjoy them there is more!

Maree said...

They're great books, I like them a lot. I hope you do too :-)