Friday, April 4, 2008

Belladonna: Review

Belladonna by Anne Bishop

Book two of the duology that began with Sebastian. Glorianna Belladonna, the uber-Landscaper, is on the trail of the Eater of the World; an evil released by very bad people.
She’s the only one with the power to stop It, but even Belladonna needs help.
Enter Michael, and his sister Caitlin Marie from a part of the world that dismisses Landscapers as sorcerers. Because Michael and Caitlin are out of tune with the world around them; they’ve never really had things easy.
Then they meet Belladonna and things get very interesting, very fast.
Sebastian, the main character from book one is here as a support player, as are most of the other characters.
This story, however, belongs to Belladonna, Michael, Caitlin and _ to a certain extent _ Lee; Belladonna’s brother and Bridge between her Landscapes.
The world here is complicated, and I’m still not sure I entirely know how the whole thing works, but Bishop’s writing is good enough to carry you over any such concerns.
I think this is a better book than Sebastian; possibly because there’s not quite so much focus on romance, and more on the coming conflict.
It makes a refreshing change, having a fantasy series that’s not 80 books long, but I think there would be enough here for a trilogy, as sometimes things _ especially the world building _ feel a little rushed.
Well worth reading.

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