Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Reading Week

I've been quite productive, book-wise. I started Up Till Now, William Shatner's autobiography last week, and a horror novel, House, by Ted Dekker and Frank Perretti, which is making the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I also read But Wait, There's More by Suzanne Paul. She's kind of world famous in New Zealand and she has had some very public up and downs lately. It was an interesting read, to say the least. It's kind of a self-help/autobiography and a very easy read. I also finished Evil Under the Sun (again), then had a weird sense of deja vu when I saw that it was on UKTV on Saturday. Not the Peter Ustinov/Diana Rigg one, but one with David Suchet. Who I love as Poirot, but I wasn't entirely happy with some of the changes made to the story.

However, on to the reading week. I'm working 11-7 again this week, then it's back to normal next week. So, if I'm good, and turn the TV off early every night, I should be able to finish Up Till Now, and start The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is October's classic novel.

Also on the starting blocks (maybe) is Books One and Two of Star Trek: Voyager String Theory. However, our local library doesn't have book three, so I'm not sure whether to read them and try and track down the third, or not read them (decisions decisions).

That'll do for now, I think.

Have a great week. Read lots. :)


Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

You are so right about House! It is such a creepy book. It really seems a shame that this book doesn't get more exposure in the horror scene.

I've been wondering about the Star Trek books, I only liked the original Star Trek TV series with Shatner and the newer one with Pickard. And just the other day a friend I was discussing books with recommended "The Q Continuum" series - it sounds fascinating I may just give it a shot. Have you read these ones? are they any good?

Maree said...

The only novel featuring Q that I've read is Q & A, which was pretty good; I haven't read any of the others. But overall I find the novels pretty good. I don't seem to read Star Trek novels in any order; I just pick up what appeals to me at the time _ they're my go-to escapist reading. :)

Bybee said...

Oh cool, I'll ask my New Zealand coworkers about Suzanne Paul!

Maree said...

bybee: If they were in New Zealand from the mid-90s, they should know exactly who she is. :)