Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday Wants!!!!!!!

I've decided to take a cue from Dewey at and do a book coveting post. Except, you know, I'm not as polite as Dewey. So I've gone with Want!!!!!

At the moment, the book that is at the top of my Want!!!!!! list is Just After Sunset, a new short story collection by Stephen King, which is coming out on November 11, according to Amazon. I have no idea when it's coming out here but hopefully before Christmas so that when I give Jeremy my list, (I make him a list of things I want and he picks something from it _ I love him dearly but sometimes he's not very good at deciding what I might like) that will be right at the top.

Dean Koontz also has a new book coming out next month, which sounds promising; Your Heart Belongs to Me, so that's on the Want!!!!!! list as well.

Apart from that, I'm not sure. I need to go trawling some book websites and blogs (heh!)

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Bybee said...

Maree, I love love LOVE your unrestrained longing and am looking forward to picking up ideas for new reads from this new feature.