Friday, October 24, 2008

The stupid week

Do you ever have one those weeks, where everything is just ... stupid? You have plans, and goals, and Noble Ambitions and then ... you get home really late from work one night, and that's all it takes.

You're up late, you don't go for your walk, and if you read at all, it's in 2-5 page increments.

That's kind of what my week has been like. We've been training on an upgraded computer system at work, and the trouble with working for a newspaper, is that you still have to get it out, so we've pretty much been training on the live system. Which can be kind of good,but it can also kind of suck. And this week kind of sucked.

Except for Friday, which was okay. We finished early and everything seemed to go all right. PLUS, the review copy of The Graveyard Book finally came in, which I commandeered as one of the two Keepers of the Book Cupboard Keys (the other Keeper is on holiday.) And yesterday was pay day, which is always a good day. So I treated myself to Nation by Terry Pratchett, and I've practically had to sit on my hands not to start them before I finish the book I"m already reading (I'm trying to be good ...)

So I got some solid reading-time on Sky Village today, which is actually very good but at the back of my head, Evil Reading Fairy is whispering "Graveyard Boooooook".

What else. That's really all I have for now. :)

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Ana S. said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of Nation and The Graveyard Book!

Sorry to hear you had one of those weeks...hopefully the next one will be better.