Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm jumping the gun and starting a couple of hours early; so I'm not picking up my first book and starting to read at midnight. My plan, then, is to go and be a cheerleader for a bit, then maybe do some more reading before getting some sleep. Reading/cheering in the morning and then playing it by ear from there because of Patrick. Hopefully I'll manage about 12 hours or so of reading, and another solid 2 or 3 of cheering. We'll see.

I'm starting with my shortest book, Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee, which is less than 200 pages. It's a YA novel by one of our best authors, about twins with mysterious powers. I read it years ago, but haven't picked it up for a long time. Then it's The Hobbit, which I also haven't read for a very long time, and three novels I've never read.

My main goal, for now, is to ge through the first two and see how I go from there. Will also be doing sporadic blog/twitter updates.

Let the games begin!!!

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Ana S. said...

Oooh, I like the sound of Under the Mountain. Good luck, Maree!!