Sunday, April 19, 2009

Readathon _ Eva's mini-challenge

Remembering Dewey.

On this Weekly Geeks post I said I wouldn't be able to do the readathon, because of Patrick. But Dewey said hey, why not be a cheerleader? So I was, for that readathon, and the next one as well.

I really wanted to read for this one, so I've been doig a little bit of both. I think Dewey would be so pleased with this readathon. I certainly wouldn't have met so many great books bloggers if not for her Weekly Geeks.
Godspeed, Dewey.


Ana S. said...

I think I met you through Weekly Geeks, so you're another blogging friend I met because of Dewey. I do think she would be proud.

Blodeuedd said...

I am cheerleading right now :D
But next year I will sure read like crazy

Dreamybee said...

Congratulations on participating in both capacities. I'm afraid I didn't manage to do either until just now.

Anonymous said...

*huggles* I'm glad to hear that you got to read for this Read-a-Thon and it makes me happy to hear people who knew Dewey say they think she'd be pleased with the Read-a-Thon.

It strikes me as such a touching and wonderful tribute to a person. I've only been (unofficially) cheerleading this time around, but I do/did enjoy it!

Eva said...

She made so many connections between us all.

Maree said...

Nymeth: I think you're right; and she would :)
Thanks everyone; it wasn't easy _ rather like juggling _ but it sure was fun!
Eva, I'm awed every day at the connections Dewey forged around the world. Thanks for the mini-challenge. :)

Bybee said...

Wow,'ve been up a long time! Congrats on making it so far!

Maree said...

Bybee: I did have a few hours sleep in the wee small hours there. But thanks :)