Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekly Geeks

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This week you are asked to share books (fiction or nonfiction) and/or movies which center around an animal or animals.

Which are your favorites?
Um. I don't have one. I love animals (obviously, as we have 10 cats) but I find animal-centred stories a little hard to read, or watch. Especially if I think the outcome is going to be bad. I even get upset when I see horses hurt/killed in movies or TV shows.
I did like Watership Down, though. And The Wind in the Willows, although that isn't the same thing, I guess. Also, many years ago, Tad Williams wrote a cat-centred book called Tailchaser's Song. Which I do remember enjoying, and I still have my copy of it.

Which touched your heart the most?
Uhm … Watership Down, I guess.

Which have found their way onto your wish lists or TBR stacks?
The only ones I can think of are the Ratha books, that Nymeth at

Is there a childhood favorite?
Only if you count The Wind in the Willows.

Have you ever named a pet after an animal from a book or movie?
Three of our cats are named after book characters. Fagin is fairly obvious, even though I don't get on with Charles Dickens. Our Fagin was a stray, who came to my ex and me when he started stealing our then-dog's food. Scout is named after Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, and Merlin after … well, pick your Arthurian tradition. :) Mostly it's Merlin for the very prominent “M” on his forehead.
You get the idea! Have fun with this; use your imagination. Share your thoughts!As an adjunct to this post, consider sharing photos of animals (domestic or wild) which have inspired or thrilled you, or graced your life with their presence.
I apologise for my lack of skills in this area, but below are pictures of all of our cats. As for wild cats, my most favourite animal is the tiger. Well. White tigers. And snow leopards. And little wild cats, like margays, and ocelots. Um. Never mind.
Cat photos!




Fagin (left) and Piper

Chloe (pale grey),
Sam (ginger)
and Casper



Happy Weekly Geeks everyone. Live long, and prosper. :)


claire said...

I love how most of them are curled up when you took the photos. So cute. :D

Anonymous said...

Love the cats! JD would have to be my favorite of these.

Anonymous said...

Fagin (I think that's left anyway. *direction fail*) looks like such a fuzz-ball! Like Claire, I love how most of them are all curled up. They're so, so cute.

I think Merlin's picture is my favourite, though, partially because we can't actually see the M on his forehead in that picture. (He also reminds me a bit of Krumel, sweet thing that Krumel was.)

One day, I will either get my TBR down to a managable size or learn not to fear rereads. I'll definitely want to reread Tailchaser's Song. I remember really liking that too.

*pokes comment* Go on, post.

SariJ said...

Great pictures! A couple of months ago I adopted two cats. My house is no longer the same! Who knew two small things could make such huge messes!

Penny said...

Merlin's coloring is just gorgeous!

pussreboots said...

Beautiful cats. I also have a cat so I wrote about cat books.

Gavin said...

What a lovely bunch of cats! I want to see all their faces. Merlin's coloring is amazing but I favor ginger kitties so Sam is my favorite.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Very fun! If I had more pets I would definitely be naming them after literary or film characters that I love. As it is my dog was already named when I adopted him and didn't want to change it. Seems silly, but I felt like it wasn't fair to him. I could embellish a bit and tell people that Charlie is named after Charles Dickens, or Charlie from the Dahl novel, or Charlie Chaplin! :)

Maree said...

Thanks everyone :)
Gavin, I might do a pix post a bit later on, if I can FIND photos of all their faces _ our cats are incredibly lazy.!
Carl _ I would!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about Watership Down, great one. I also forgot to mention in mine Not Wanted on the Voyage. Too many great animal related books out there to remember them all.

Confuzzled Shannon said...

Seems like your cats get along with each other. They look cute curled up together.

Anonymous said...

I like your cats' names. And the picture are too cute, especially Scout all curled up. Happy Weekly Geeks!

Kristen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - my 1st weekly geek visit :o) I love your cat's names, we can't have cats in the house due to allergies, but one of my good friends has a cat named Beckett (after Samuel Beckett) and I always thought that was a great name for a cat.

Frances said...

JD is adorable! What a great bunch of cats. And I completely understand when you say you do not always like to read books with animals for fear they will be hurt.

Jodie said...

Pretty kitties! They do all seems rather camera shy.

I love Watership Down and I'm trying to think of some other animal books with happy endings to recommend to you. Have you read Colin Dann's books they are very sweet and mostly happy. If you like horses you might enjoy The Silver Brumby books by Elyn Mitchell. Oh or The Rats of Nymph books have some pretty animal friendly storylines.

Ana S. said...

Awww. I love your cats. And I love this WG theme! It makes me want to go back to blogging sooner just to do it :P I hope you enjoy the Ratha books as much as I did when you get to them. This reminds me that I should get to the rest of the series, actually.

Dreamybee said...

Whew, they all look like they've put in a hard day! LOL. What a cute bunch!

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a lot of cats! The photos are gorgeous.

I must confess that I find animal tales difficult to deal with too. So often they have such a tragic element to them that I find a bit on the traumatic side.

Anonymous said...

As everyone else, love the cat photos.

I didn't realize that Tad Williams wrote a cat-centered book. I've read his Otherland series and loved it, but didn't know that about him.