Thursday, September 10, 2009

Books make my brain happy

Between scoring the ARC of Her Fearful Symmetry (there will be a review, but in a few weeks; I have to write one for the paper as well); having The Hunger Games and The Knife of Never Letting Go on my TBR, getting China Mieville's new book The City & The City finally, AND scoring the ARC of Marian Keyes' new book The Brightest Star in the Sky from work for which I have dropped everything (I always drop everything for new Marian Keyes) I'm a happy reader lately.
Of course, given that my blog is still being held together at the seams by memes, I'm not doing a lot of like, you know, reading. BUT STILL!!! I have so many great books lined up at the moment that my brain is kind of ... singing. Now all I need is for Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood to come out, and my brain will implode with the goodness. :)


Jodie said...

Are you as excited about that as me? I read an article where she talked about the causes that inspired her to focus on environmental issues and her crazy long book tour this year. Reminded me why we all must love Atwood.

Maree said...

Dude ... I GOT THE ARC AT WORK TODAY!!!! I'm SO excited :D