Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Readathon v reality

As some of you know, my mother had heart surgery some weeks ago. She's been back in hospital the past few days, with fluid on her lungs and a chest infection.

She's doing better now, and is coming home tomorrow, but needs someone to help her prepare her meals at the weekends, and this weekend that someone is me. :-)

So I'm still going to be doing readathon, because I really want to, but I have to scale back my usual grand plans - lol. I'm also working Sunday, which I don't usually, but I'm going to try and ninja-cheerlead a bit from there ;)

Anyway, this post ... really has no point - lol. I'm going to do a vlog tomorrow, because that's sort of my own personal readathon tradition, and what I'm going to do, readers, followers, lurkers ... is let you decide my readathon read for me.

I'm going to stick to one book, but I don't know which one yet. So the vlog will be my list of possibles and I'll choose the one that gets more than one vote.

A streamlined readathon, if you will. :)


Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

I'm so glad you'll get to participate in the readathon, it's always a good idea to take a little time for yourself when you're caring for others and caught up in the daily grind. I look forward to your blog and I'll voting on you book choice!

Debi said...

So sorry about your mom's setback! And I couldn't agree more with Kate--I'm so glad you're not giving up entirely on having some fun even while in the midst of care-giving.

Anonymous said...

I am glad your mom is doing better but I am sorry for her setback. I feel like life always gets in the way of the read-a-thon but I am going to be able to participate this weekend so I am excited!

Maree said...

Kate and Debi: Thank you :) It's my plan to have fun and yes, take some time out with readathon. :)

Maree said...
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Maree said...

Lola: Life does have that bad habit, yes. yay, I hope you have fun! :)

Rachel said...

I hope your mum gets better soon! Goodluck with the read-a-thon

from a lurker ;)

Amused said...

Sorry about your mom but that sounds like the perfect plan then!

Amanda said...

Eek. Sorry to hear about your mom, Maree. :(

I am definitely very much looking forward to your vlog. :)

Vasilly said...

Glad to hear that your mom is doing better. I can't wait to see your vlog!

Jodie said...

Good luck to your mum after her surgery. Brave you putting your readathon fate in the hands of others ;P

Maree said...

Rachel: Yay, a lurker! Thank you :)
Amused: Thank you, and that's what I'm hoping :)
Amanda: Thank you <3 Oooh, I forgot to watch yours last night!
Vasilly: Thank you :) Hopefully I'll be uploading it tonight
Jodie: She's coming home today, hopefully. Her surgery was a few weeks ago, but she contracted a chest infection, so it's been a bit of a long road. Lol, I know, but they'll all be books from my TBR, so books that I want to read anyway ;)