Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekly Geeks

I haven't done the Weekly Geeks - - for a while, but it's about Dewey's readathon (which is next weekend) and I was talking about it on twitter earlier today, so ... it's a sign?

So ... on to what the geeks want to know about my readathon "plans":

* if you are participating in the read-a-thon or not.
Yes, I am. Reading and cheerleading. I expect my usual epic fail at both \o/
* and if not, why not. (timing isn't right, you didn't know about it, life won't allow it, it's not your thing, etc.)
* if you are, do you have a strategy?
Well, I'd like to get a bit of reading done ... which isn't actually sarcasm. Usually I get about a book and a half read. So ... we'll see.
* do you have a stack of books prepared to read from?
Not yet but I will have soon!
* will you try to read as many books as you can or as many pages as you can?
* do you have special food and snacks planned?
* do you have a special spot all set up for reading?
* will you get your Saturday things done on Friday so you can read guilt free?
Hmmmm ... no Saturday stuff will need doing, I don't think. I need to make a trip to the supermarket; that's about it.
* if you have others living in your household, do you have to work around their schedules too?
Husband and a three year old so ... yes. I'm also planning on starting at 11am on Saturday morning my time (New Zealand) because I have to work at 2.30pm on Sunday, though I'm hoping to do a little bit of ninja cheerleading from work.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the read-a-thon! I'm also going to do it. To be starting at the right time, I will have to wait until 2pm on Saturday so I'll have time to do some things in the morning. Downside is that I'll still be reading on Sunday morning, as the read-a-thon does not stop until 2pm my time.

But I'm looking forward to it and preparing my husband for my non-availability that weekend.

Maree said...

Yay! I hope you have a great readathon - it's always a lot of fun :)

Care said...

I will be attempting as many pages as I can. I'm in the middle of a long book that may not be done by Sat and then I will be starting Woman in White - another chunkster. I find it easier to track progress in RAT if I only have one book.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the read-a-thon. One week and counting!

Maree said...

Care: I'm leaning that way myself, but I don't know what yet - lol *\o/*
Lola: Me too!!! :D

Amused said...

Good luck with the read a thon! I am excited to be participating for my second time! Since the start time is 5am where I live I cheat and give myself a few extra hours of sleep :)

gautami tripathy said...

Have fun in the readathon!

Here is my Weekly Geeks post!

Jodie said...

Good luck with readathon, hope you have a lovely time and that husband and child are both understanding about the need to read with speed ;) I'll be attending a joyous occassion (wedding) so will miss out this time around, but I'll probably be too ahem tipsy to think of books by the end of the night.