Sunday, November 16, 2008

The reading week

Heh ... multi-tasking last year, on the day the new Harry Potter book came out ... so leetle! (um ... the baby, obviously, not the book)
Anyhoo ... I've still got Love in the Time of Cholera on the go, and in retrospect, I really should have made that winter reading, because it's been very hot here the past few days and it's set on a hot, sticky, Carribean island. So I haven't picked it up for a while.
I've been reading Oxford Exit by Veronica Stallwood. Part of a series, apparently, featuring a historical romance writer, Kate Ivory, who gets tangled up in mysterious doings. In this one, someone's been stealing books from Oxford's venerable libraries, and a young woman has been murdered. The two are, obviously, connected.
Also, someone is handing in Creative Writing assignments that seem to detail the murder.
It's not bad, but I keep getting confused about what Kate's doing at the libraries. It's one of those things that, to me, sounds like it should be simple, but really isn't.
I don't have anything else in particular on the horizon. I'll have to shuffle through my library books.
Happy reading everyone. :)


Tracee said...

I love the new pic! I ran across your blog as part of the Southern Reading Challenge and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing books for me. If so, just email me at novelnoise(at)live(dot)com - thanks!

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Awww what a sweet picture, I loved it when my boys were small enough to curl up in my lap.