Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekly Geek question 2

For Kaimira Book 1, what made you read this book? How would you rate it? Do you recommend it?

It came in to work as a review copy and I think a workmate of mine and I who have similar reading tastes had been talking about a new book coming out, set in a village of hot-air balloons. So when it came in I took it to read. :)

I would rate it pretty highly, actually. It's got all the goods: good story, believable characters, a very bad villain, and of course, a village made up entirely of hot-air balloons. :) If you like YA fantasy/steam punk/distopia or just a very good read, then I'd definitely recommend it. :)

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The Bookworm said...

it sounds like a good read. the hot air ballon village sounds very cool!