Sunday, March 1, 2009

The reading week

A seldom-seen member of the cat clan here at Just Add Books _ Chloe.
It feels like the turnaround for the reading week is getting shorter and shorter. The year is racing away; already it's March and we're heading into autumn in my part of the world.

Anyway. Before I get too deep, or maudlin, or something, here's what's on the list for the week ahead:
I'm halfway through The Magician of Hoad, by Margaret Mahy. Very readable old-school style standalone fantasy novel. There's also Mrs Dalloway, and I'm hoping for better luck with this classic than I've had for the past two months. Uhm ... also on the list is Monster Love by Carol Topolski.

Travels Through France & Italy by Tobias Smollett, which is part of Nymeths' Try Something New mini-challenge, that I have teamed up with Jodie at to take part in; so that should be fun. Also for that challenge I have Great Adventures in Archaeology, by Robert Silverberg, but I'll see how that one goes.

Uhm ... challenges. Doing fairly crap at most of them to be honest, and March is looking fairly booked up. The three specific challenges (aside from the Read Your Own Books and Support Your Local Library challenge) that I'm signed up for _ the Dream King Challenge; the Dewey's Book Challenge and the Art History Challenge are all on for the whole year.

So I'm thinking of making April Challenge Catch-up Month, by picking one book (at least) from each of those challenges to get me on the board, so to speak.

Hmmm ... that'll do, I reckon. :)

Puppies and kittens :)


Ana S. said...

Chloe! She's so pretty.

Don't worry about the challenges...still plenty of time!

maggie moran said...

We should see miss Chloe more! She sure is a cutie!

Staci said...

I hear you about the challenges..some I'm doing pretty good, while others....not so good!! don't worry and just have fun!! Catch up in April sounds like a great Challenge!!!

christina said...

I really like your idea of using April to get caught up on challenges. I know I'm falling behind! :)