Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly Geeks

One of my favorite Weekly Geeks last year was: A Quote a Day. This will have you pulling books off your shelves and Googling for your favorites. It also means a post a day for the next week - or as many as you can do. Quoth Dewey:
You may want to come up with a theme, such as favorite passages from books, author quotes, political quotes, quotes about books or reading, humorous quotes, whatever. Or you may not want a theme at all; maybe you just want to gather up seven assorted quotes that appeal to you. You may want to start each of your posts of the week with a quote, or you may want to give quotes posts of their own in addition to your regular posts. It’s all up to you!Signing Mr Linky this week means you’re committing to posting a quote each day for a full week, starting on the day you sign up. You can postdate your quote posts so they appear automatically if you can’t get to your blog each day.

This was one of my favourite Weekly Geeks, too. I did cats last time, and it took me a while to come up with something for this one. But I decided to go the Kiwi route this time; all of my quotes will be from New Zealand books/films/TV shows.

Starting with one of the most well-known TV quotes. From our very own long-running soap opera, Shortland Street _ explanation here _ this is from the very first episode.

Head nurse Carrie Burton (Lisa Crittenden) scolds Dr Hone Ropata (Temuera Morrison) on his first day:
"You're not in Guatemala now, Dr. Ropata!"

Ah ... memories. :)


Sherrie said...

Went to your link to Wikipedia. Sounds like a really great show! Thanks for info! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


Staci said...

I love quotes so this should be pretty fun!!

Funny quote!!

Rikki said...

Never heard of that show, probably not too many NZ shows make it over here. Sounds funny, though. I'll be back.