Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Reading Week

What the - a dog? Yes indeed. My former dog, Bailey, who went to my ex-husband when we split up. It was even in the separation agreement, which struck me as funny. As if I'd stop her from living with the one person she was convinced got up and put the sun in the sky every morning. She's a Ridgeback cross, and not a dingo, although the resemblance is striking. As far as I know, she still lives with my ex, happy as well, a dog with a squeaky toy.
Anyway. Reading.
It's a bit of a patchwork this week.
I've started Mrs Dalloway, March's classic, and I'm really enjoying it but have to dip into it in small quantities, because the language is just so rich.

Also on the go is Q & A by Vikram Sawrup, which I'm resting for a day or so, because I had a very strange dream after reading it wherein I was eating from a vivid blue barbell made entirely of icing. And a co-worker of mine _ who happens to be a Fijian Indian _ had cleaned my house. I don't even want to know what that says about me.

So. Back to Agatha Christie and After the Funeral. Also on the list for this week is Travels in France & Italy, my Try Something New mini-challenge read.

Um. Starlight and buttercups, everyone.


Ana S. said...

Bailey is beautiful. It must have been tough to lose her, but at least she's happy.

Maybe you'll give me the encouragement I need to read Mrs Dalloway!

Maree said...

I'm really loving it. Plus, it's less than 200 pages :)

Maree said...

I'm really loving it. Plus, it's less than 200 pages :)