Monday, March 23, 2009

Wyrd Sisters _ review

Hey, look at that! I finished one already! Okay, I started it last Thursday, but that's the small print.

And to our left, we have Marx (black and white, although you can't tell there) and Sam, a ginger tabby who moved in with us one day, from the next door neighbours. Marx I got as a kitten from the SPCA, many, many years ago now. As you can see, they've both forgotten their traumatic early beginnings.


Wyrd Sisters by Sir Terry Pratchett:

Ah ............ it's back. I have my reading mojo back. Thank you, Mr Sir Terry Pratchett.
I started Wyrd Sisters on Thursday, and finished it Sunday morning.

It's ... you know how you read a book and it's so good you just want to read bits of it out to people, rather than write a review? Exactly.

The very first page made me laugh out loud. Specifically, this bit:
"As the cauldron bubbled an eldritch voice shrieked: 'When shall we three meet again?'
There was a pause.
Finally, another voice said, in far more ordinary tones: 'Well, I can do next Tuesday'."

And it gets better from there.

I'm reading all of the Discworld novels for the first time. I'm reading them in order, because I'm sort of built that way. I like order, sometimes. And I'm beginning to suspect that Mr Sir Terry Pratchett might be something in the way of a genius.

There's just so much! There's Death, and ghosts, and kings and witches (of course) and ... oh .......... everything!!! But it's never in danger of falling apart. The whole thing hangs together really, really well.

And it's incredibly funny, and sad all at once somehow. And moving, and Shakespearian and ... I have no more words.


DesLily said...

"no more words" means it can't get better!!

Ana S. said...

"It's ... you know how you read a book and it's so good you just want to read bits of it out to people, rather than write a review? "

I know...I know. The man is such a genius.

Robin said...

Okay...I have GOT to read this man!!! I actually have Wyrd Sisters on hold at the library, so this was perfect timing for this review!

Jodie said...

Ok you are rocking out girl! You ahve so much to look forward to reading the whole Discworld series (especially with with witches)- makes me wish I was just discovering them for the first time. Please remember Pratchett also wrote some fab YA fic like Carpet People, Johnny and the Bomb and the Truckers, Diggers, Wings trilogy. There's also a Discworld YA spin off and a wizards spin off. Oh man am I excited for you!

Carl V. Anderson said...

I have read way too little of Terry Pratchett's work. That is a great opening line! Glad to hear that fun humor like this helped you get your reading mojo back.

Anonymous said...

I love Terry Pratchett, I used to think he was just for geeky guys, (I am married to one), and 14 year old boys, how wrong I was. Wyrd Sisters was the first Pratchett I read and I have been reading him ever since. I especially love his young adult books, the Tiffany Aching and wee free men stories, you have so much to look forward to.
Isn't it wierd how you can get into a rut and just not be able to get into a book, I hate that when it happens. Happy reading, loved the pictures by the way.

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

'Well, I can do next Tuesday' -- Hah! That's classic :)

I decided that this would be the year I tackled Discworld (in order cause I too am built that way)
So I have Colour Of Magic all set and ready to go, but is it ever intimidating to look at the list of all the books ahead of me :)

Maree said...

DesLily: No it can't :)
Nymeth: He really is
Robin: Yes, yes you do; I hope you enjoy :)
Jodie: So am I!!!
Carl: I'm nearly back to being a complete reading fool
Book pusher: I hate those ruts. And thank you :)
Joanne: I have a whole shelf devoted to books for this year. I just try not to think about it too much

Shelley said...

I love his writing, and yet I've only read two. In my dreams I will read them all someday!