Sunday, September 7, 2008

The reading week

I finished Space, finally _ the day before A Moveable Feast arrived in the mail. Serendipity! Although I haven't started A Moveable Feast yet _ probably tomorrow.
I also got Smoke & Mirrors by Neil Gaiman in the mail yesterday and I keep drifting towards it and sneaking glimpses at the introduction. Pretty soon, I think, I'm going to have to bow to the inevitable and just read it (oh, the hardship!).
We also went to the library yesterday, which is always an exercise with a 15-month-old. There is a toy section in the adult library, but I'm overprotective. I'll let Patrick play in it if there aren't any other kids _ it's not particularly big, and he'd be overwhelmed in seconds. Also, it's right next to the library exit, so I won't leave him alone in there (although parents do ... don't get me started on that). So it's either whiz around and find a couple of books so I can read while he plays, or meander around and dig Jeremy out of the computer or science fiction sections when it's time to go.
I take Patrick with me in the library because he prefers to be moving and I'm a mobile browser whereas hubby is a static one. He'll find one section, then be there for ages.
Um. Anyway ... that wasn't my point.
My point was, I added three books to the *mumble* books I already had out. I got House, by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti (I haven't read Peretti before but I really enjoyed Dekker's Circle Trilogy), A Princess of Roumania by Paul Park and Hide & Seek by Ian Rankin _ a Rebus novel.
I read the first one some time ago and thought ''eh'' but a friend told me I should read them, so I'm giving it another go.
These are, of course, added to the library books I already have out.
Er ... I tripped.
So! This week I'll be reading Artists in Crime, by Ngaio Marsh, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway and ... Something Else, by Someone Else.


Ana S. said...

I hope you enjoy Smoke & Mirrors :)

Maree said...

I'm sure I will. I'm trying to hold out until the weekend, but it's calling pretty strongly!