Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Geek 19

This week, your WG theme is to list your top books published in 2008.
1. Compile your list of favorites. Please be sure that books you choose actually were published in 2008, or at the very earliest in the winter holiday season of 2007. Sometimes books that come out then are left out.
2. Come back and sign Mr Linky with the url to your top books of 2008 post.

Hmmm. I've gone through my read-this-year list, and I've only read seven books so far, that were published in 2008. So here they all are, ranked from 1-7. Number one being my favourite so far :)
1): Un Lun Dun _ hands down, one of my favourite reads.
2): Duma Key _ classic King; very creepy.
3): Certain Girls _ very, very good sequel to Jennifer Weiner's novel, Good in Bed
4): Odd Hours _ fourth book in the Odd Thomas series. Not the strongest entry in the series, but I do love Odd Thomas. :)
5): The Beach House _ light, readable fluff from Jane Green.
6): This Charming Man _ Marian Keyes' latest novel. Not my absolute favourite of hers, but still very readable.
7): Sail _ pretty standard James Patterson. Fast-moving and fun to read. :)


Icedream said...

I read a few on your list too. I will have to read Un Lun Dun. I looked it up and it sounds like a book I could really enjoy.

Maree said...

Un Lun Dun is my "annoy everyone until they read it" book. It's so much fun and I'm sure you'd enjoy it. :)

Marg said...

I liked This Charming Man, but didn't love it. As you say, not my favourite book by her.

Kristi said...

You've got some great books on your list (none that I've actually read, but a lot that I've lusted over ;o)).

Maree said...

Kristi, I'm finding that about other lists too. :)

gautami tripathy said...

Un Lun Dun is on my TBR list!

Do check my short list

Melanie said...

Yay for Duma Key! It's on my list too.

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

I completely forgot about Duma Key, probably because I read it the day it hut the shelves (lol)
My hubby just got me the first 2 Odd books, I'm halfway through number 1 and it seems like I'm gonna love this series :)