Sunday, September 21, 2008

The reading week

I'm trying to start my blogging week off right, inspired by this week's Weekly Geek.
By tomorrow (Monday) I should have finished A Moveable Feast and hopefully I'll post a review about it tomorrow night.

But I'm loving it. LOVING it!!!! I want to carry it with me everywhere, and stick it under people's noses and say "have you read this? you should read this".

After that _ I'm going to read The Vintner's Luck, I think. I talked about it last week, then completely forgot. Plus, it's due back at the library soon. Then I think I'll read Book 1 of The Knife of Never Letting Go.

Let's hope this reading week is better than last week's!


Anonymous said...

hee hee! Does that work? sticking it under people's noses and say 'read this!'? too funny. and now I have to go add this w/o even knowing ANYTHING about it (don't tell me) to my rec'd page... Thank you. Have fun reading! Happy Geek Week 18!

Maree said...

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Yes ... read it! It's wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! With that kind of reaction, I will totally add it to my TBR list :)