Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Geeks 17 _ Quote three

"One cat just leads to another."- Ernest Hemingway

Illustrated here by five of our 10 cats.
Here we have Misty (front, ginger leg), Chloe (back), Sam (ginger tabby) Piper and Merlin :)


Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Lol that quote is so true, it is hard to have just one of any pet really. Do all of your cats get along well? We had one who wouldn't associate with the others, she liked the dog better :)

Maree said...

We have the odd spat, but for the most part they tolerate each other's presence.

Bookfool said...

10 cats!!! You lucky chick. I'm so envious! I've just got one remaining kitty and when I had two, there were fights all the time. So, we're figuring we need to give the old gal a few years alone. It sucks, though. I want more kitties!

CJ said...

Ten cats? Are you crazy?? No, not really. I started with one and now I have two and there's a stray-ish one hanging around that I've considered bringing inside. It's a good thing that my town has an ordinance that limits the number of pets to three.


Maree said...

Well ... crazy is as crazy does. So ... yes. :)