Saturday, May 10, 2008

Absently absent

To your left, is Misty, my porno-wannabe cat. Resting comfortably on the Nine-Patch Something my mother made. For me, not for the cat ....
Anyway ... not a lot of blogging this week, but not a lot of reading either. I hit a bit of a wall after devouring book 2 and 3 of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy.
I did start May's classic _ 1984 _ but it's so unremittingly bleak already that I ran away for a bit and I'm re-reading an Agatha Christie I haven't read in a while: Murder in Mesopotamia. I feel like I'm taking a little bit of a reading holiday with it, and I'm sure, once it's done, I'll be back to it.
The plan is to continue with 1984; start The Monsters of Templeton and maybe, finally, No Country For Old Men, but I'll have to see how my week goes. I have normal shifts tomorrow and Monday, then I'm jumping to days for Tuesday and Wednesday, to steer the community papers while their editor is on holiday. THEN, on Thursday, it's Patrick's birthday and I have four days off. So, probably by Saturday night (we're having a family party on Saturday afternoon) I'll be off twitching in a corner somewhere .... just leave the books where I can reach them ....

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