Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reader adrift

I've been going through a non-finishing stage lately. I'm reading, but I'm not getting anything finished. And I threw The Monsters of Templeton at the wall today. I got halfway through it and it just ... stalled for me. I'm hoping to pick it up again, but I don't know.
Has anyone (if there's anyone out there) read it? What'd you think?

I'm beetling through 1984, although I've struck a bit where Winston is reading The Book _ the literary work of the revolutionaries and it's a little hard to read. There's an awful lot of it, too. Otherwise, I'm quite enjoying it. Mr Orwell certainly had some forward-thinking ideas, and even now, the novel hasn't dated.

I started The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, then joined the Southern Reading Challenge, and then I haven't picked the book up again. For nearly two weeks. The only book I have finished lately is Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. Which I have read before, and I do remember the ending but it was still fun. I'm now reading Death in the Clouds and I'll probably finish that soon.

I go through these stages sometimes and I find, if nothing else, I always finish an Agatha Christie. I also have far too many books out of the library, so I need to go through those and decide what to read next.

Challenge-wise, I have Someplace to be Flying, Anansi Boys and The Once and Future King for the Once Upon a Time II challenge, and the latter for the Arthurian Challenge. I was reading The Monsters of Templeton for the Orbus Terrarum challenge, but .... and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter for the Southern reading challenge, but I'll just have to see how I go. I think though, if I'm stalled, it's time for some new books.



Anonymous said...

Here's my review of Monsters of Templeton. Maybe I need to rethink my review? Actually, I wasn't superimpressed. So maybe my rating was a little high? I could see how it would be boring...

Maree said...

It could be me. Maybe it's a great book and I'm just not getting it? I'm going to give it a rest for a bit and see if that helps.
Thanks for the link to your review _ it's good to get other perspectives. :)

maggie moran said...

Throw 'em back - there's more books on the shelf. :)

Maree said...

Maggie _ I like the way you think! :)